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How to use iNTU?

Serveral requirements must be met for iNTU to function with the best quality.

1. A web-capable mobile device. *Smartphone( ex: Android, iPhone etc)

2. 3G Internet connection or Wi-Fi wireless connection to create an online platform.

3. Additional information capture function: GPS sensors.

iNTU will automately detect your device type in order to provide the web page most suitable to your screen.


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Main Features

People Directory


Finding and dialing departments or colleagues numbers. You can also search for numbers for emergency calls.

Campus Map


School Map and hot spot, You can view information and get direction of these locations.



Allowing user to search for NTU’s latest calendar.



This function provides grade report. Students, login with your NTU registration ID, then you could view your grade report in each semester.

Lastest News

05/08/2013》iNTU 2.1

The grade report service in English is provided.

12/25/2012》iNTU 2.0

iNTU2.0 has two more services which are newsletter and grade report.

6/5/2012》iNTU 1.1

1. Map version changed to NTU mobile version.
2. Calendars "search function" added.
3. "Today News" added to the Campus News section.
4. Library version changed.
5. Directory’s department’s phone number.

iNTU Blog ( )


Q: Can I use iNTU service offline?

A: No, iNTU only works The internet is available.

Q: Why is the menu of the English version different from the Chinese version ?

A: The English version is different because some functions are closed.

Q: Why does force close somtimes occur on iNTU?

A: iNTU only works when one is online, if the network connection is unstable or there is a sudden disconnection, program error might occur. Check the network status and restart iNTU, and it will work again.

Q: Can we use locate function without opening GPS ?

A: Yes, When GPS is not on, iNTU will use the online locate function . When GPS is on, iNTU will use both The internet and the data on the GPS to show the precise location.