Q: Can I use iNTU service offline?

A: No, iNTU only works The internet is available.

Q: Why is the menu of the English version different from the Chinese version ?

A: The English version is different because some functions are closed.

Q: Why does force close somtimes occur on iNTU?

A: iNTU only works when one is online, if the network connection is unstable or there is a sudden disconnection, program error might occur. Check the network status and restart iNTU, and it will work again.

Q: Can we use locate function without opening GPS ?

A: Yes, When GPS is not on, iNTU will use the online locate function . When GPS is on, iNTU will use both The internet and the data on the GPS to show the precise location.

Q: I would like to look up the list of instructors in the Department of Computer Science, can iNTU help me ?

A: Click Directory→Browse by Unit→Academic→College of Science→Department of Computer Science. iNTU will list all the instructors in the department.


Q: I want to go to" Xiao Fu Commissary", can iNTU show me the best route ?

A: Click on Map→Menu→Locate→Search→type in "Xiao Fu"→a list of all the destination names including "Xiao Fu" will appear→The blue building is "Xiao Fu". Click the building→Go there→Choose transportation way. iNTU will show the route from your location to "Xiao Fu Commissary".

Q: What kinds of operating system does iNTU support and how do I download APP ?

A: We support Android and iOS operating system.



Windows Mango: no support available yet.

Q: How do I make my suggestions for APP?

A: You are welcome to email us the iNTU developer team.